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Jim Buell, PDD - NCD Chair

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Social Media Guidelines, May 17, 2013  


Websterís Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary defines COMMUNICATION as:

com∑mu∑ni∑ca∑tion \kә-myŁ-nә-'kā-shәn\  n 1 : an act or instance of transmitting  2 a : information communicated  b : a verbal or written message  3 :  an exchange of information  4 : pl a : a system (as of telephones) for communicating  b : a system of routes for moving troops, supplies and vehicles  c : personnel engaged in communicating  5 : a process by which meanings are exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols  6 pl but sing or pl in constr  a : a technique for expressing ideas effectively (as in speech)  b : the technology of the transmission of information 

The Internet was not invented when the above definition was written, however, item 4a could be appended to say, "as of telephones and the Internet...". Item 6b defines communication transmissions by technology, which would include the Internet and any current and future communicating methods.

The Information Technologies Committee covers Internet Communications as well as the annual District Directory for current officers and committee chairmen

Internet Communications (a part of Information Technologies), as defined by the North Central District, uses two methods of getting information to its members:  E-mail (active) or the NCD website (passive).

E-mail is used mainly to communicate information on important and timely upcoming events, such as DD Clinics, DD and VP homecomings, special meetings, funerals, etc. Some e-mails have a link that will let you go directly to the appropriate NCD web page for more detailed information.

Currently, there are more than 500 names in my e-mail database. Send me your e-mail address if you want to be included on this list.  Be sure to also notify me when  your e-mail address changes. 

The NCD website includes District Events such as DD/VP itineraries, flyers for meetings, ceremonies and dinners, etc. It also includes Committee pages and a page for each Lodge in the district. Since the website is passive, an e-mail is sent to all mail recipients showing a link to a new page.

Anyone from the NCD can have a message, flyer, or calendar posted on their Lodge web page. Subject not pertaining directly to the Elks such as political commentary, jokes, etc. will not be posted. I am able to accept only  the following formats (in order of preference):

  • Microsoft Word

  • Adobe PDF file

  • Type the information directly into the body of your email

  • Microsoft Publisher

  • Microsoft Excel

Try to keep the file size to less than one megabyte. Files that are too large present problems for users that have slow Internet connections (i.e., 56k modems), creating a long time to download the information.

In addition, should you need your message to be sent to all recipients on my e-mail list, simply send me the information on an e-mail, and I will try to send out your message within 24 hours.