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Jim Warrick, PDDGER
NCD Chair
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The importance of membership goes without saying, but it needs to be the focus of every Lodge in the country. The rate of  lapsation has slowly diminished membership at many lodges through out the years. It is a realistic goal for every Lodge in the North Central District to be at plus one or better. To achieve this we all must work to reduce lapsation, and recruit new members. Each and every lodge needs to have attractive functions and events that appeal to a wide range of people. Programs are available to assist us all. The Second Step Program is a proven way to get new members involved in the Lodge you can get all the information you need about it from the California Hawaii Elks Association web site. We can as a District grow with enthusiasm for Elkdom. Get your members working with and enjoying  the Lodge.

Lapsation deals with the population numbers of your lodge; and specifically with those members that havenít kept their lodge dues current.  Lapsation reports include numbers of new members initiated, transfers both in and out of the lodge, and decedents, in addition to those not current with their dues. 

Lapsation reports are made monthly by each lodge to the District Chairman.  These reports are assimilated into a District Report and forwarded to the CHEA State Lapsation Chairman.  Currently, the reports are in Excel Format and are Fax and E-mail friendly as well as mailable to the District Lapsation Chairman.  The Lodge Reports need to be in the District Chairmanís hands no later that the fifth of each month to permit forwarding to the State Chairman on that date.    


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