Ritual Training

Jeffie Moffet, PDDGER - NCD Chair

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Ritual, the backbone of every Elks Lodge.


The Initiation Ritual explains the very best reasons why the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the United States of America exists.


It is hoped that every Officer, indeed every Member, will embrace the teachings exemplified in the Ritual.  


Ritual Training is the method utilized by our Order as the means to improve the ability of the Officers to give a natural and dignified rendition of the Initiation Ceremony to our incoming new members. The impression made on a new member by a well-performed Initiation can determine how the Lodge is perceived on the whole. If you care about how the Ritual is done it will be perceived that you care about your Lodge.


Yearly clinics are held for the Ritual Coaches and Ritual Judges to improve their ability to teach and/or judge the Ritual.


All Lodge Ritual Team members should attend the CHEA North State Ritual Clinic at Woodland Lodge in January. At the clinic any changes to the Ritualistic Manual that have occurred at the Grand Lodge Session will be handed out and discussed.


All of this work is done to ensure that the Initiation Ritual is performed in a standardized manner, nationwide. It also works to increase Officer camaraderie and teamwork, which is very important to the smooth running of the Lodge.


It is the duty of the District Ritual Training Chairman to hold district clinics to train word judges and calculators for the District Ritual Contest. To assist and stand ready to help in any way the District Contest Chairman during practice and during the contest itself. To keep the District Ritual Coaches up to date on what the judges are looking for during each team performance. And to help improve the performance of the Ritual teams.


Lets all do our part to insure that the Ritual is performed with enthusiasm and dignity, so as to impress candidates with how we feel about our Lodge. 


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