Jim Warrick, PDD
NCD Chairman
(916) 967-7078


The purpose of the NCD Scouting Report is to apprise CHEA and the Grand Lodge of the contributions of the Lodges within our district to Scouting Programs (Boy and Girl Scouts, as well as Cub Scouts and Brownies) during the three months within the quarter reported.

Information sought includes the following:

  • The number of the troop(s) for which the Lodge holds the Charter or otherwise sponsors.

  • The number of Scouts and adult members in the troop.

  • The amount of dollars expended for all Scouting programs, including the value of rental space in the Lodge donated to the troop for their meetings.

  • The number of Elks participating in Scouting programs and the number of hours involved.

  • The number of BPOE Eagle Scout or GSA Gold or Silver Awards presented, and the number of Award dinners served to honorees and family.

  • Any special events held involving Scout participation and how the Scouts were rewarded. This involves presentation the colors during Elk Ceremonies such as Flag Day, Memorial Day, etc., or serving the meal and bussing dishes at visitation dinners, etc.

  • Also scout interaction with the Lodge such as Flag retirement, or other civic service.

  • Lodges should report to the District Chairman, any use of Scouts from any troop in the Lodge area, whether or not the Lodge formally sponsors any troop.

Scouting Committee Report Form

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