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May 19, 2017 the Elk Grove Elks #2577 visited the Carol Elementary School in Elk Grove. We were present for the School’s Friday Morning School Wide Assemble. We watched the 1st Grade class perform for the entire student body, then watched two very talented dancers and a great little singer. After these great performances, it was our turn on the Stage.

 Prior to the performances, the students were asked: how many were born in another country, about 10% of the hands went up.  They were then asked how many of their parents were born in another country, about 50% of the hands went up.  I was advised that 200 different languages were spoken.

After the ceremony, we went to five different 3rd Grade Class Rooms and passed out 145 Dictionaries.  We presented each student with a Dictionary, an Elks coloring book and Elks book marker.  We then did a small presentation with an anti-drug theme.  Each Class was asked the same question: “Who will decide for you to take Drugs”. I’m glad to report they all answered that they would be responsible.  A follow up question was “Who do you trust”.  The responses were many, but the common theme was parents and teachers.  Our presentation was followed with follow up question.  I will add that being a part of this project is what makes me feel good about being an Elk, it is a feel-good moment for everyone involved.

Pictured left to right, Ed Jasper, Michael Van De Pol, teacher Melanie Gaetano, Bob Samaniego and Eva Nelson.


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