Americanism - Ron Roberts - Chair

Americanism teaches us that it is important to love our country and its flag. Our flag can stir the heart and emotions of a true American like nothing else. Americans, who love this country, will willingly salute the flag whenever it is presented. As loyal Americans, we pledge our allegiance to the flag and to the United States of America. As faithful Elks, we express our belief in our country and respect our flag. We are not afraid to show this love and share our belief in the principles we hold so dearly.

The clustering stars and streaming stripes are recognized across the world as a symbol of freedom, which calls to millions of people yearning to join us and share our experience. It is no wonder that people will go to any extreme to come to this country.

The CHEA promotion for this year is “fly the flag” at your home or place of business. CHEA is encouraging local Lodges to offer certificates to members who support this effort. We celebrate Flag Day and Patriotism week, and in August will begin to administer the Americanism Essay Contest. I encourage all of the Lodge Americanism Chairs to download a copy of the Americanism Manual or the Elks Americanism Committee Manual. These manuals will supply you with the information and knowledge to Promote Americanism, and run a successful program.

Please feel free to contact me (Cell: 916-806-0118) or (email if you have any questions, or if you would just like to share some of your ideas or experiences.

Ron Roberts, PER
NCD Americanism Chairman