Bequest & Living Trusts, Michael Hanson - Chair

The creation of the BLT Legacy Giving (BLT) Committee in 1984 set the stage for ensuring the financial future of the Major Project. Amounts under $500 go directly to help underwrite Major Project expenses for the year in which they are given. The establishment of the BLT Legacy Giving Fund in 1991 designated gifts of $500 or more to be placed in a special account.

BLT gives all Elks an opportunity to participate in the Major Project through a living trust fund. There are also other options available through the BLT Committee.

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Interested in further information? Click here to read more, or download the following BLT information:

·         Articles for Lodge Bulletin/Magazine

·         Bequests and Living Trusts Brochure (Revised 04/2016)

·         BLT NOW – Ask Me How Flyer

·         Blurbs – Place in the Lodge bulletin or post in the Lodge

·         District Report Sample

·         Lodge Report Form 

·         Manual (Revised 4/2016)

·         PowerPoint Presentation – ADOBE Version

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Michael Hanson, PER Chairman

For further information on how YOU can participate in these trusts contact your lodge committeeperson, and remember you do not have to be an Elk in order to participate in the BLT funds.