Bequest & Living Trusts, Gary McCoy, Chair

From the beginning of our Major Project in 1950, we have been involved in what has become the finest Major Project in Elkdom.  Its success and accomplishments have not only restored the bodies and minds of thousands of children in need, it has instilled pride in the hearts of our members and their families.

We are now into our sixth decade of providing physical therapy, occupational therapy, vision screening, speech and language pathology and special clinical services to the children of California and Hawaii.  Since 1950 children with disabilities have dependent on our Major Project, which has provided countless numbers with the chance to overcome or compensate for physical or visual problems.  Because of the personal participation and financial support of the Elks of California-Hawaii, our Lodges and we have seen thousands of small legs take their first steps.  Once non-functioning hands now hold spoons and play with toys, and previously silent voices can now speak their first words.  Thousands of children now enter school with visual problems identified and corrected.

The creation of the BEQUEST and LIVING TRUSTS (BLT) Committee in 1984 set the state for ensuring the financial future of the Major Project.  Amounts contributed under $500.00 go directly to help underwrite Major Project expenses for the year in which they are given.  The establishment of the Bequest and Living Trusts Legacy Fund in 1991 designated gifts of $500.00 or more to be placed in a special account.

BLT gives all of us an opportunity to participate in the Major Project through a living trust fund.  There are also other options available through the BLT Committee for individual investment guaranteeing a lifetime income for the donor with an immediate tax deduction.

For further information on how YOU can participate in these trusts contact your lodge committeeperson, and remember you do not have to be an Elk in order to participate in the BLT funds.