Drug Awareness - Elli Platz - Chair

This committee is responsible for promoting Grand Lodge and CHEA drug awareness programs at the district level. Grand Lodge provides pamphlets, comic books, and other materials to the lodges for distribution to children, parents, and schools. These help educate the children and parents about the dangers of drugs. Grand Lodge and CHEA also conduct drug awareness poster and essay contests for elementary and middle school students with awards are given to the winners. The lodges are encouraged to participate in promoting these programs. Information on the contests, literature, and reports is found on the website at:


Several lodges in the NCD participate in the drug awareness program by distributing drug awareness bookmarks in dictionaries which are given to students; others distribute materials at parades or sports events, i.e., hoopshoot and soccer shootouts. Drug Awareness chairmen are encouraged to discuss their programs with other NCD lodge chairmen in promoting drug awareness. Quarterly reports are required from the lodge chairmen for statistical purposes. These in turn are compiled in a district report which is sent to the CHEA chairman. His report goes to the Grand Lodge where all statistics are compiled and used to promote Elkdom.

Quarterly reports of a lodge's participation in the Drug Awareness essay and poster contests, red ribbon week, and distribution of pamphlets, coloring books, comic books, or other drug awareness materials are due by the fifth of July, October, January and April via email or postal mail).

All information regarding the contests and required forms and the report forms are on the CHEA website. Go to http://www.chea-elks.org; click on the first item; click again to pull up the CHEA web page; click 'committees'; then choose 'Drug Awareness'. Make the copies you need or have them made at the lodge office. If you have any questions, give me a call.