Lodge Activities - Richard Bristow, Chair

The Lodge Activities Committee Chairman is an important part of any Lodge's leadership team. Lodge Activities includes almost everything the Lodge does. Without exception, they are important to the success of every Lodge. Lodge activities can be classified as follows:
1. Mandatory
2. Prescribed
3. Non-prescribed or local activities
Further definition of each of the above activities can be found in the Lodge Activities Manual which can be found on the Grand Lodge website (www.elks.org).

In addition to working closely with other Lodge Chairman, the Lodge Activities Chairman is responsible for reporting the events and activities of the lodge, including the number of participants and mileage for every lodge activity. Reports are due to the NCD Lodge Activity Chairman on the following dates for the preceding quarter:
• July 5th
• October 5th
• January 5th
• April 5th

The following are links to the Reporting Forms:
Lodge Level Activity Report (Adobe pdf Fillable)
Lodge Level Activity Report (EXCEL)
District Level Activity Report (Adobe pdf Fillable)
District Level Activity Report (EXCEL)
Lodge Survey of Volunteer, Youth Charitable and Community Service Programs

Additional the Lodge activities committee should promote the various Grand Lodge/CHEA programs by encouraging their lodges to participate is all contests and awards.

I can be contacted via e-mail at rbristowjr@gmail.com.