Major Project (Piggy Bank) - Jim Wash - Chair

In 1950, CHEA created an organization within it to help children with disabilities. The fundraising arm of CHEMPI is the Purple Pig.  All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

The organization is called the California-Hawaii Elks Major Project, Inc. This unique program funds 32 paid therapists and preschool vision screeners, hired by CHEMPI, to help disabled children when no other organizations can or will. These CHEMPI professional therapists and preschool vision screeners travel, sometimes great distances, to help children get care they need.

More information on the is available at Purple Pig.  Instructions on how your Lodge can request a therapist or Preschool Vision Screener to visit your Lodge.  Fill out a Form 11- Request for Professional Staff Participation.

If you need any assistance, I can be reached via:

Cell: (916) 397-6535 or email


Jim Wash, Major Project Chairman