Protocol - Gary McCoy - Chair

Protocol is the customs and regulations dealing with ceremonies and etiquette. It is the “How” to properly handle all procedures and courtesies on a Lodge as well as District level. It is important that a standard should be established and it is suggested so there will be a uniform, proper and universally accepted Protocol for any and all meetings and events.

While the procedure of conducting a Lodge meeting may not be considered as part of Protocol because it is prescribed in the Lodge Ritual Manual, it does, however, deal with the ceremonies and etiquette of the Order. Uniformity of procedures and conduct guarantees continuity from lodge to lodge.

All Officers should definitely know their duties and responsibilities to the Lodge and to the Order. The Protocol Manual is presented to furnish the Officers of Local Lodges, State Associations, and district groups a fully explained guide to follow with correct procedure on the broad subject of Protocol.

If the Officers of our Lodges follow the information set forth in the Manual, they will meet the requirements of proper etiquette and avoid any possible embarrassment to themselves, their guests or their Lodge.

The Protocol Manual is available on our Grand Lodge Website. Sign in to the Members area, press the Manuals icon scroll down to find a downloadable version of the manual. If you need help, have questions or need advice don’t hesitate to contact me.
(916) 220-7021

Gary McCoy
PER and District Chairman of Protocol