Youth Activities - Jim McCloskey - Chair

I am Jim McCloskey and would like to introduce myself as your Youth Activities District Chairman for 2021-2022 Elk year.

The youth of our communities is one of our greatest assets, and the Elks are working to provide them with the opportunity to explore the pathways before them and enhance their experiences in a commitment to society. 

Investments through the Elks community programs provide services that support the needs of many with young families.  Program such as Americanism, Scholarships, Drug Awareness, and sports sponsorships and events focus on participation and interaction, and our lodge charities contribute with activities where the lodge and local families can come together and be recognized.

Your Lodge reports document the efforts of your members to work with the youth of our community; your activities promote the visibility of the Elks and what the lodges in the community can provide. The hours and mileage serve to support our organization’s charitable status. Your records of volunteers provide information on who and how many attends and help at our lodge activities.

Lodge Youth Activities reports are due to me from the Lodge Chairs on a quarterly basis, on the following dates:

Quarter 1       July 3rd

Quarter 2       October 3rd

Quarter 3       January 3rd

Quarter 4       April 3rd

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.