Accounting Consultant:

As many of you are quite aware accounting is the backbone of the financial management of our lodges. Good accounting practices are imperative if we are to provide accurate reports to Grand Lodge, our Board of Directors and Members.
I am a retired AVP and Branch Manager from Bank of America where I worked for over 34 years. I have an extensive background in banking and money management.

Lesley Dale - Roseville


Americanism teaches us that it is important to love our country and its flag. Our flag can stir the heart and emotions of a true American like nothing else. Americans, who love this country, will willingly salute the flag whenever it is presented. As loyal Americans, we pledge our allegiance to the flag and to the United States of America. As faithful Elks, we express our belief in our country and respect our flag. We are not afraid to show this love and share our belief in the principles we hold so dearly.

Ron Roberts PER - Sacramento

Bequest & Living Trusts

The creation of the BLT Legacy Giving (BLT) Committee in 1984 set the stage for ensuring the financial future of the Major Project. Amounts under $500 go directly to help underwrite Major Project expenses for the year in which they are given. The establishment of the BLT Legacy Giving Fund in 1991 designated gifts of $500 or more to be placed in a special account.
BLT gives all Elks an opportunity to participate in the Major Project through a living trust fund. There are also other options available through the BLT Committee.

Michael Hanson PER - Chair

Business Practices

Inform, share and present data, resources and best practices necessary to successfully manage business operations of our Lodges. Assist and support Lodges of NCD in the business of our business.

Pat Kleinert - Chair


What is CLMS? Chicago Lodge Management System. It's your lodge's connection to Grand Lodge in reporting member information. New in CLMS, Grand Lodge will bill your members their membership Dues! CLMS will also make it easy to install a new member, transfer and reinstate a member.
I have a long history with CLMS! I started with CLMS back in the day when it was YUMA. I was lodge sectary of my lodge (Marysville Lodge 783) for 5 years.

Dale Sparks PER - Chair

Community Investiment

John F. Malley founded the Elks National Foundation in 1928, he envisioned that it would "unite the forces of the Order into a mighty army for the service of mankind." The Community Investments Program is that army.
Since the Community Investments Program began in 2005, we've funded more than 27,000 grants to help Lodges build stronger communities. Elks use grants to combat food insecurity, support people experiencing homelessness, serve veterans and military members in need, and to promote youth community service.

Hartley Hermensen PDD - Chair

Drug Awareness

This committee is responsible for promoting Grand Lodge and CHEA drug awareness programs at the district level. Grand Lodge provides pamphlets, comic books, and other materials to the lodges for distribution to children, parents, and schools. These help educate the children and parents about the dangers of drugs. Grand Lodge and CHEA also conduct drug awareness poster and essay contests for elementary and middle school students with awards are given to the winners. The lodges are encouraged to participate in promoting these programs. Information on the contests, literature, and reports is found on the website at: Chea Elks

Bob Murray - Chair


"To all North Central District golfers, get your "sticks" ready. Participate in Golf Tournaments sponsored by our different Lodges; fundraisers or just-for-fun games. Almost every Lodge has golfers, if not a specific golf club. How about inviting the other Lodges to play with you in your scheduled events? This will bring our District closer together, meet new golf buddies, and make your golf events more competitive and fun. If you have a Golf Chairman in your Lodge, please have he or she contact me. Also, if you are planning a golf event, let me know so we can help you spread the word.
Hit 'em LONG and Hit 'em STRAIGHT.
Hope to see you on the course!!!"

Jim Warrick PDD - Chair

Government Relations

The Government Relations Committee shall develop a well-organized "grass roots" network of informed members throughout California and Hawaii who will be responsive to calls for assistance in combating all matters adverse to the Order of Elks on a national, state or local level. Personal relationships with government officials and legislators are to be encouraged and developed wherever possible. Government Relations Manual

Kathy Vrablick - Chair

Hoop Shoot

For nearly fifty years The Hoop Shoot has been developing gritty kids.
The Elks Hoop Shoot is a free throw program for youth ages 8-13. The Elks Hoop Shoot Free Throw Contest is designed to help participants develop skills like hand eye coordination, comradery with not only sibling's friends and classmates, and believe it or not helps with mathematics, in calculating speed of shoot with angle of rebound off the backboard and the most important aspect of all Sportsmanship.
With novel Coronavirus continuing to impact our communities, the health and safety of programs participants and dedicated volunteers is our top priority.
Information for upcoming Contests will be distributed when available.

Dan Simas - Chair

Housing Coordinator

During the course of a "normal" Lodge Year, a North Central District Member has a minimum of four opportunities to travel outside the District to attend Elk's Events. When the member needs housing to attend such an event, the NCD Housing Coordinator may be able to assist in making necessary arrangements.

Roy Newman PSP - Chairman

Information Technologies

The most basic information technology definition is that it's the application of technology to solve business or organizational problems on a broad scale.
My hope as the District Information Technologies Committee Chairman is to continue supporting our District web site so it becomes a go-to site where we can find out what is going on in the District and at our Lodges.

Barbara Cherry - Chair

Insurance & Safety

The Insurance and Safety Committee shall preserve and protect the property, assets, and members of our Subordinate Lodges. The Committee participates in four insurance programs; property plus, liability, workers compensation and directors and officer's coverage. The Committee monitors the accidents and lawsuits against the Lodges, their Officers and members, and assists with safety issues. I am available to assist the Lodges with questions of insurance, claims and safety.
CALIFORNIA WORKERS COMPENSATION ? Every Lodge should carry Directors and Officers Insurance, which protects line officers, Secretary, Treasurer, Trustees, and volunteers acting on behalf of the Lodge. It is cheap. ? Any questions, contact your District Insurance and Safety Chairman or the Association Chairman. GRAND LODGE SAFETY REPORTS The self-inspection reports should be timely and accurately performed to make the Lodge aware of dangerous conditions and to make immediate corrections. This report is in the Grand Lodge Accident Claim Prevention Manual.

Phil Morrison - Chair

Lodge Activities

The Lodge Activities Committee Chairman is an important part of any Lodge's leadership team. Lodge Activities includes almost everything the Lodge does. Without exception, they are important to the success of every Lodge. Lodge activities can be classified as follows: 1. Mandatory 2. Prescribed 3. Non-prescribed or local activities Further definition of each of the above activities can be found in the Lodge Activities Manual which can be found on the Grand Lodge website ( In addition to working closely with other Lodge Chairman, the Lodge Activities Chairman is responsible for reporting the events and activities of the lodge, including the number of participants and mileage for every lodge activity. Reports are due to the NCD Lodge Activity Chairman on the following dates for the preceding quarter:
July 5th
October 5th
January 5th
April 5th

John Vertido - Chair

Officer Training

Congratulations Lodge Officers of the North Central District. Although the level of experiences may vary among officers, reacquainting each officer individually and all officers collectively with good practices and knowledge in Lodge administration will serve to reach a common sense of purpose and understanding. As District Chairman of Officer Training, I urge each officer to visit the website frequently. The web-site provides a wealth of information of everything Elks-related. To start, simply navigate within the web-page to the “Grand Lodge Training Courses”. Under the “Course List”, please find the Local Lodge Officer Training Course which provides sufficient information and guidance to flatten your learning curve, facilitate implementation of your new duties and add a positive element to your experience.
As officers, you should be operating as a synergistic team, each fully understanding his/her role and how each role effectively integrates with the others. Every officer brings a particular skill set to the team and the collective set of skills should be assessed and distributed as effectively to meet the administrative needs of the Lodge. As such, the team should be involved in committee oversight, understand Lodge By-Laws, assist in regular budget reviews and engage in regular planning for continuous improvement. I extend my best wishes for your continued success.

Conrad DeCastro - Chair


The Membership Committee shall investigate and recommend ways and means of increasing membership in the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks within the states of California and Hawaii.
For more information and to download the Grand Lodge Membership Program Manual

Documents: Membership Development Program Click Here

Membership Recruitment Program Click Here

Membership Retention Program Click Here

Elks Second Step Program: Click Here

Member Lapsation Manual : Click Here

Lapsation Quick Start Guide: Click Here

Download Elks Exit Interview: Click Here

Jim Warrick PDD - Chair

Elks National Foundation

The mission of the Elks National Foundation is to help Elks build stronger communities. We fulfill this pledge by investing in communities where Elks live and work. We provide tomorrow's leaders, our youth, with a healthy beginning; honor the Elks pledge to never forget our veterans; help the state Elks associations accomplish their charitable objectives and fund projects that improve the quality of life in local Elks communities.
Like all Elks, the Foundation values the belief that charity is the greatest of all virtues and that by sharing and giving we have the power to replace sorrow and despair with hope and confidence. Donations to the Foundation help us fund programs that match our cornerstone values of knowledge, integrity and community.
For further information or help on furthering your participation in our Elks National Foundation program, please contact me at the above e-mail address or telephone number.
Lodge ENF Chairs are required to register on line to have access to ENF reference material and Lodge reports. To do this you must first have a username and password to the Grand Lodge web site. Once you have gained access to the site go to Click Here

Sherry Sparks - Chair

Major Project (Piggy Bank)

The organization is called the California Hawaii Elks Major Project link below. This unique program funds 32 paid therapists and preschool vision screeners, hired by CHEMPI, to help disabled children when no other organizations can or will. These CHEMPI professional therapists and preschool vision screeners travel, sometimes great distances, to help children get care they need.
More information on the is available at Purple Pig link below.
Instructions on how your Lodge can request a therapist or Preschool Vision Screener to visit your Lodge.
Membership Development Program Major Project Click Here

Membership Recruitment Program Click Here

Membership Retention Program Click Here

Elks Second Step Program: Click Here

Member Lapsation Manual : Click Here

Mike VanDePol - Chair


Protocol is the customs and regulations dealing with ceremonies and etiquette. It is the "How" to properly handle all procedures and courtesies on a Lodge as well as District level. It is important that a standard should be established and it is suggested so there will be a uniform, proper and universally accepted Protocol for any and all meetings and events.
While the procedure of conducting a Lodge meeting may not be considered as part of Protocol because it is prescribed in the Lodge Ritual Manual, it does, however, deal with the ceremonies and etiquette of the Order. Uniformity of procedures and conduct guarantees continuity from lodge to lodge.
All Officers should definitely know their duties and responsibilities to the Lodge and to the Order. The Protocol Manual is presented to furnish the Officers of Local Lodges, State Associations, and district groups a fully explained guide to follow with correct procedure on the broad subject of Protocol.
If the Officers of our Lodges follow the information set forth in the Manual, they will meet the requirements of proper etiquette and avoid any possible embarrassment to themselves, their guests or their Lodge.

Gary McCoy - Chair

Public Relations

Public Relations, simply put, is managing the spread of information between an organization and the public. In order for it to succeed, the information needs to be both interesting and entertaining for the readers. Remember that whatever story is submitted, there are hundreds of others submitted at the same time. What makes this one different? Is it fun, entertaining, beneficial to the readers? Develop several creative ways to communicate the story. One will strike the right balance and be the winner.
These days 90% of journalists and reporters get their stories off the Internet. Do not underestimate the importance of an up-to-date website with easy access to information. At the same time, make use of the hundreds of websites available to post stories. Showcase your information elsewhere! And most importantly, take advantage of the opportunities presented to you. Work with your lodge Community Activities Chair to find the next story. And, no matter what happens, keep trying!
You can download a copy of the Grand Lodge Public Relations Handbook for Lodge Chairs from the Elks website. In addition, you can find the information about all of the contests available. Go to the CHEA website and find the information on state contests.
And, of course, keep those reports coming. They are due the 5th of each month. I will accept any form you care to send --- U.S. mail, email, or pony express. I'm looking forward to working with you!


Majorie Samaniego - Chair

Ritual Contest

The Ritual Contes Committee will formulate regulations consistent with Grand Lodge Rules for the conduct and supervision of the ritualistic contest between the Subordinate Lodges in the North Central District.

Participation Special Citation

Steve Dale - Chair

Ritual Training

As Ritual Training Chairman for the North Central District I am charged with setting up training clinics in accordance with the programs of the Grand Lodge and as provided in the Grand Lodge Ritualistic Manual, training officers, coaches, ritual judges, word judges, and calculators for the perfection of ritualistic work in the states of California and Hawaii.

Jeffie Moffet - Chair


The SCHOLARSHIP Committee shall coordinate the program within the North Central District, to conduct scholarship contests, and to award scholarships to worthy students.
Most Valuable Student Poster Click Here
Vocational Grant Poster Click Here

Evelyn Poppa-Mckenna - Chair


The SCOUTING Committee shall work with national, state and local officials, and with this Association, to promote the work of the Boy and Girl Scouts of America.
Do you have a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venture Scout, Sea Scout or Girl Scout that has earned their highest award? Please download the appropriate certificate from your CHEA President to show the support from the California-Hawaii Elks Association for their tremendous accomplishment.
With a strong emphasis placed on our Scouting program as part of the Youth Activities Elks believe that Scouting serves to provide guidance for today's youth in leadership as well as self-confidence, communication and community awareness.
The united efforts have been successful in illustrating Elks' concern for youth as a Lodge often provides leadership, a meeting place, and program supervision for one or more Scout units.

Jim Warrick PDD - Chair

Veterans' Service

The National Veterans' Service Committee shall formulate and carry out programs of aid to disabled or needy veterans of the military service of the United States of America, and to formulate and carry out programs for aid and service to members of the military forces of the United States of America. Elks pledge "So long as there are veterans, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks will never forget them." For more information please visit:

Linda Van Gundy - Chair

Youth Activities

I would like to introduce myself. I am Richard Bristow, your Chairman for the North Central District Youth Activities Committee for the 2022-2023 Elk year.
As we all know, the future of our country is our young people. Elks are always working to find ways to provide our youth with opportunities to grow into productive American citizens. Some of the programs that our lodges use are the Americanism Essay Contest, Dictionary Project, Drug Awareness, Hoop Shoot, Scholarships Program, and Scouting. More information on these programs can be found on the CHEA and Grand Lodge websites. The Lodge Youth Activity Chair is required to submit quarterly reports to District Chair at, on the Lodges youth activities. Due dates for the reports are:
Quarter 1 ~ July 3rd
Quarter 2 ~ October 3rd
Quarter 3 ~ January 3rd
Quarter 4 ~ April 3rd
The reporting form can be found on the CHEA website, select Committees and select Youth Activities.
Also do not forget that the Grand Exalted Ruler has requested all Lodges to set aside the week of May 1 – 7, 2022 as ELKS NATIONAL YOUTH WEEK. Lodges are urged to sponsor programs throughout this week dedicated to the youth of our communities.

Richard Bristow - Chair

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